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Consumer Advocacy and Information
  • Consumer Information Center  [*] [IA][Direct] - You've seen the TV commercials, now view & download the publications online, free!. The Consumer Information Catalog lists over 200 free and low cost publications covering health, business, home and money matters, and more!
  • U.S. Consumer Gateway  [*] [IA][Direct] - One-stop link to a broad range of federal information resources for consumers.
  • Active Buyer's Guide [IA][Direct] - Asks you a series of questions that hone in on the product that best fits your needs. Guides for consumer electronics, cats, and dogs.
  • Affluenza [IA][Direct] - Online companion to PBS show that explores this condition caused by overconsumption and materialism, and marked by stress, overwork, shopping and indebtedness.
  • Buyer's Guide.net [IA][Direct] - Offers in-depth information on a variety of consumer products.
  • Cancel-It [IA][Direct] - Helps you to cancel any on-line product or service.
  • CompareItAll.com [IA][Direct] - Providing a comparison service portal that offers consumers tools and information to make informed decisions.
  • ConsumerAffairs.Com [IA][Direct] - Offers consumer complaints and comments, consumer news, and recall information.
  • Consumerama [IA][Direct] - Directory of companies who are targets of consumer protest sites, class action suits, and government investigations. Also includes consumer alerts and news features.
  • Consumer Central [IA][Direct] - Contains searchable database with contact information for brand names and companies.
  • Consumer Democracy [IA][Direct] - Shares product information and opinions.
  • ConsumerNet [IA][Direct] - Computer network dedicated to enabling consumer organizations to exchange information and provide greater service to consumers.
  • ConsumerReview.com [IA][Direct] - Product reviews by consumers for electronics, sports gear, computers, and more.
  • ConsumerSearch.com [IA][Direct] - Reviews, analyzes, and ranks products in various categories.
  • Consumer World [IA][Direct] - 600+ "consumer" links.
  • dealnews [IA][Direct] - Price tracker and consumer advocate providing information on current specials for computers, software, travel, electronics, and other products.
  • Deja.com [IA][Direct] - Features include Usenet news archive search, consumer ratings, and communities.
  • epinions.com [IA][Direct] - Professional and volunteer-supplied reviews of consumer goods.
  • FightBack! with David Horowitz [IA][Direct] - If you've been ripped off or improperly treated by business, you can register your complaint at this site.
  • LowerMyBills.com [IA][Direct] - Information and advice for lowering and managing monthly bills, including insurance, utilities, and credit cards.
  • MyRatePlan.com [IA][Direct] - Information on, and links to services for finding the best rates for phones, insurance, travel, financing, delivery, satellite TV, and Internet access.
  • Nader, Ralph - In the Public Interest [IA][Direct] - Weekly column of consumer economy and politics.
  • National Institute for Consumer Education [IA][Direct] - Part of the Department of Education at Eastern Michigan University.
  • OmniChoice [IA][Direct] - Comparing service plans in energy and telecommunications.
  • Price.com [IA][Direct] - Helps users make product decisions by offering price comparisons for a variety of items.
  • Productopia [IA][Direct] - Online buyer's guide providing advice on what to buy and where to buy for several different consumer product categories.
  • Product ReviewNet [IA][Direct] - Indexes and abstracts reviews from print magazines and online sources.
  • RateItAll.com [IA][Direct] - Including consumer products, travel, sports, people, entertainment, and more.
  • RegistrationVillage.com [IA][Direct] - Provides safety and product information, including product recalls and safety alerts by email.
  • Safety Alerts [IA][Direct] - Get information about product safety, product and food recalls. E-mail notification service available.
  • Serving the American Public [IA][Direct] - Report on best practices in one-stop customer service. A Federal Benchmarking Consortium Study Report, November 1997
  • Shop911 [IA][Direct] - Provides product descriptions, product pricing, pictures, and local stores to help inform shoppers' in their purchasing decisions.
  • TrueMetrix, Inc. [IA][Direct] - Buying guides as well as products and services reviews.
  • Wattage Monitor [IA][Direct] - Nationwide, free service offering residential and commercial electric consumers their specific electric service options. Competing electric suppliers' rates and services are shown by zip code in a comparative layout.
  • What's The Best.net [IA][Direct] - Buying guides and forums for many types of products.
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