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Stadium Funding Issues
  • Anti-Stadium [IA][Direct] - In opposition to stadium subsidies, corporate welfare, government-mandated entertainment, state-sponsored monopolies.
  • Community-Owned Sports [IA][Direct] - Examines the community ownership alternative in pro sports.
  • Corporate Welfare: Stadiums [IA][Direct] - Documents and reports compiled by Citizens for Leaders With Ethics & Accountability Now.
  • COST: Citizens Opposed to Stadium Taxes [IA][Direct] - Advocates the separation of sports and state, and opposes any tax or spending to publicly subsidize a baseball stadium for the San Diego Padres.
  • Field of Schemes [IA][Direct] - Includes a city-by-city list of stadium swindles, the top ten dumbest reasons ever for building a new sports facility, and breaking news on the latest in team relocations and extortionate demands.
  • Good Sports [IA][Direct] - Details the ongoing struggle against stadium subsidies in Pittsburgh.
  • Sports, Jobs, & Taxes [IA][Direct] - An article from The Brookings Review examining if new stadiums are worth the cost.
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