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Old'aVista is a one man operation and as much fun as it is working on it, it does consume time and money.

There are also expenses such as hosting, domains, as well as electricity and internet bandwidth as I scrape the websites for the index on my personal desktop computer at home. All of those expenses are paid by myself and I'm happy to pay for them as this website is a passion project.

But any help is welcome, and there are two ways you can do that!

Get some really cool merch:


If you love Old'aVista, one cool way to support the website is to get a really cool t-shirt, hoodie or mug!

We have a Spreadshop store where you can get items just like the ones above!

Become a patron:


Here's another cool way you can support Old'aVista, you can become a Patron and contribute a couple dollars a month.

Donations contribute to expenses including, but not limited to:

  • Hosting for the Websites
  • Domain registration fees
  • Software licenses
  • Parts and tools for The Eric Experiment projects
  • Coffee so I can stay awake working on stuff. =D

Click here to see who's currently supporting Old'aVista.

You can be sure that

Old'aVista is, and will always be, free of charge as well as completely ad-free. So any help, no matter how small, is very welcome.

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