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  • Acme Pet [IA][Direct] - Searchable and user-updatable Web database of pet information and links to Web pages full of dogs, cats, fish, birds, horses, etc.
  • American Pet Association [IA][Direct] - Pet owner info, dogs & cats, breeder, veterinary & puppy services, pet ID & recovery, humane donation & funraising, much more.
  • Animal Network [IA][Direct] - Tell the world about your favorite friend, discover the latest in health, care and nutrition, find a new animal to love, and swap tips with people who care about their animals just as much as you do.
  • AVMA's Care for Pets [IA][Direct] - American Veterinary Medical Association provides information on pet care and describes how veterinarians make contributions to both animal and human medicine.
  • Cyber-PetChat [IA][Direct] - Exchange ideas, discuss breed or health issues, or just plain have a good ol' time chatting with other pet owners.
  • Florida Animal Health Foundation [IA][Direct] - Nonprofit organization dedicated to the human-animal bond. Pet rescue, grief support hotline, Hall of Fame, pet owner assistance, and more.
  • Ldy's Zoo [IA][Direct] - Information on caring for exotic pets, such as skunks, sugar gliders, ferrets and the like.
  • National Alternative Pet Association [IA][Direct] - Alternative/exotic pet information resource and rescue/adoption/rehab network.
  • NewPet.com [IA][Direct] - Reference for obtaining, naming, and caring for a new pet. Information on breeds, amusing animal stories, viewer animal stories, pet photos, pet organization listings, and more.
  • Pet Channel, The [IA][Direct] - On-line interactive pet resource center for pet lovers and owners around the world.
  • petclub.net gazette [IA][Direct] - Membership online community of pet lovers.
  • PetEducation.com [IA][Direct] - Articles on the health and well being of your pet from Drs. Foster and Smith.
  • Pet Gallery [IA][Direct] - A celebration of cats, dogs, and other pets as personalities.
  • Pet Groomers Lounge [IA][Direct] - Features chat, a bulletin board, and email list.
  • PetHobbyist [IA][Direct] - Online pet community including chat, classifieds, forums, books, and more.
  • PetNet [IA][Direct] - Detailed information for Australians and their pets.
  • Pet News [IA][Direct] - Devoted to pet adoption, with a focus on Florida.
  • Pet Place Television Show [IA][Direct] - Showcases pets for adoption, locations for finding your own housemate, and an emergency rescue service for furry refugees.
  • PetSource [IA][Direct] - Your source for information on cats, dogs, and other animals you might have as pets.
  • PetStation [IA][Direct]
  • Petsville [IA][Direct] - Provides assistance for individuals and organizations that have an interest in animal welfare and arranges for pet adoptions.
  • PetWork, The [IA][Direct] - A network with pet information and a database of lost and found pets.
  • Responsible Animal Owners [IA][Direct] - Promotes responsible animal stewardship through a variety of programs.
  • the-wally-project.org [IA][Direct] - Studying and promoting humane solutions to stray pet problems.
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